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    Cool mittens and scarves for babies: Winter is now underway!

    So why is everyone so happy it’s winter all of a sudden? We think the reason for all the delight may well lie in our rather cool gloves and scarves for babies. It’s just like grandma always said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just people who aren’t dressed for it.” And since becoming parents ourselves, we’ve found this insight to be very true. No one will feel cold outside if you pack the whole family up nice and warm. Good gloves and scarves close up those gaps where cold could get in and keep baby’s neck and hands toasty warm.

    Real babies aren’t afraid of ice and snow.

    But they do cool down fast on account of their body proportions. Plus they just can’t move around as much in a baby carriage as bigger people can on their own two feet. That’s why, in addition to the right outdoor wear for babies, gloves that fit and a scarf for warmth are absolute necessities for a trip beyond your snowy front stoop.

    Where we get these gorgeous scarves and toasty warm gloves? From our fantastic designers, of course!

    Our beautifully crafted scarves and mittens come, for instance, from designer labels especially for babies which have earned a standing ovation, e.g. Oeuf, Mini Rodini and Bobo Choses. These items are all made of soft, cozy materials that don’t irritate babies’ tender skin. We mainly offer mittens and not gloves since gloves retain heat better. This makes it possible for families with babies to enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

    Off we go, the winter adventure is about to begin just outside your front door. Order cool gloves and scarves for your baby. Every piece hails from the atelier of a renowned, top-quality baby designer. Order now – it’s easy and uncomplicated – with free shipping on orders over € 50!