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    Hooded Jackets with Hip Prints

    Keep your baby warm and dry with our waterproof jackets and windbreakers. Hoodies, zippers and cuffs with Velcro straps are not only very convenient, but they add something extra to baby jackets’ streamlined silhouettes. How about a cool quilted jacket with a stand-up collar from Popupshop? Our outerwear is the perfect choice for all the upcoming family adventures.

    Cool Hooded Jumpsuits for Newborns

    Our collection of outerwear also offers just the right clothing for newborns when the weather is less than perfect. In minimalist-chic colors and made of GOTS-certified organic cotton Mini Rodini jumpsuits are a number-one choice to keep your tiny ones warm, safe and sound.

    Outerwear for Little Explorers

    What better way to complete an outdoor outfit than with the right baby shoes? Whether it’s Emu Australia booties or Converse cult high-tops, our selection of standout shoes is a must for every little adventurer. Nothing feels better than wearing sandals when the barometer rises. With leather insoles and easy-to-fasten Velcro straps, our leather sandals are comfortable, stylish and allow your little one’s feet to breathe.