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     From Retro-Chic to Modern Cool

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your little ones a trendy wardrobe. At littlehipstar we offer modern, stylish clothing for prices that won’t break the bank. How about a ruffle-sleeved blouse from Emile et Ida? Or the long-sleeved washed denim shirt from Louis Louise? Another perfect summer piece is the playful cotton blouse from Oeuf – a true eye-catcher! 

    Sizing and Size Guide

    At littlehipstar you can find baby shirts and blouses for kids aged 0-4. We have a wide collection of styles in different sizes to fit everyone’s taste. Not sure what size to chose? Check out our size guide, specifically created to help you find the right size for your little ones. When selecting which products to feature, we pay special attention to quality and materials to ensure the best of the best. As a result, our products made of finest-quality organic cotton feel soft and gentle on your child’s sensitive skin And what can be better than knowing that your little ones feel happy and comfortable in their clothes?  

    Baby Blouses as a Gift

    If you’re looking for a suitable gift for your sister’s or friend’s baby to give at a baby shower or next birthday, then you’re at the right place. Besides baby shirts and blouses, littlehipstar also offers a wide selection of pants, T-Shirts, jumpsuits, shoes, and accessories. Not sure what to choose? Then simply pick our Gift Card option to give the gift of choice. By doing so the receiver has the flexibility to decide what they think fits their child best!