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    Elodie Details - Cute somethings for your baby

    Elodie Details has been around since 2006. That’s when Linda Sätterström, a new mom, decided that the world needed more cute things for little ones. After the birth of her daughter Elodie – now you know what inspired the name of the brand – she was looking for pacifiers that not only did their job, but also looked great when matched with baby outfits. Since she couldn’t find anything that met the bill, she decided to launch her own brand without further ado!

    Ever since, the Swedish label Elodie Details has been enriching our lives with adorable pacifiers and pacifier clips that not only comply with all European safety standards for infants and children, but also stand out from a fashion standpoint. The pacifier and pacifier clips by Elodie Details are of course made of BPA-free and PVC-free materials to protect the health of our little ones.

    Different colors and shapes available individually or in sets of two

    Pacifier and pacifier clips by Elodie Detail can be ordered individually or in sets of two. Mixing and matching is the way to go. Even though every single piece has its own trendy design, you can mix and match the entire collection to your heart’s content. “Big differences for small people” has been the Swedish designer’s motto from the beginning. And this is something Linda Sätterström’s designer team pulls off brilliantly.

    All of Elodie Detail’s adorable accessories, pacifiers and pacifier clips can be ordered right here at littlehipstar. Simply place your order online.