Emile Et Ida

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émile et ida: As adorable as it gets!

émile et ida! We are in love! As a matter of fact, we are very much in love with this kids’ and baby fashion label, which is backed by a story that’s worthy of the big screen. It’s 2007: two women, both mothers and grandmothers, meet in Paris where they strike up a conversation. They realize that both are trained seamstresses with considerable experience in the fashion and textile industries. Then they talk about children and grandchildren... and slowly a business idea emerges in the minds of these two extraordinary women. After mulling over some essentials, they both decide to create a retro brand for kids’ fashion.

Here’s your chance to fall in love with émile et ida, too. With émile et ida, it could happen faster than you think.

The course was set. Full of energy, the experienced seamstresses put their plan into action. Initial designs and ideas were developed and the first contacts made in the kids’ and baby fashion market. Over time, it became apparent that this label was going to be successful. With their collections, the two women struck a sweet chord with the children’s apparel fashionistas. They put together a range of retro children’s wear that was practical as well as stylish and that made people’s hearts skip a beat with excitement. Every single item of kids’ wear boasts the fine signature of the much-vaunted Parisian chic. And each individual babywear item is charmingly reminiscent of having been hand-sewn by a grandmother.

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The émile et ida range is for babies and kids aged 0 to 7. To achieve the best quality, the two founders opted for the best materials from sustainably controlled production. émile et ida hats, sweaters, backpacks, pants, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, blouses, shorts and tights are manufactured in Portugal in compliance with the strictest social and environmental standards.

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