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    Fjällräven makes outdoor families happy

    Kids’ fashions with heart and soul – that’s what we like so much about Fjällräven. The prizewinning kids’ collections from Scandinavia look hip and – more importantly – are super practical for families that like spending their time outdoors and on the go. The outdoor brand’s designer team is known for continuously testing and adapting its materials and creations for best possible wearability. Fjällräven leads the way in discovering great solutions for keeping kids warm, dry and protected out of doors. And what makes us fashionistas especially happy: The cuts and designs are fun, and they look fantastic. Precisely the combination a littlehipstar brand needs to have before we offer it to you.

    All set for fun in the fresh air?

    The Fjällräven brand stands out among the many makers of outdoor wear for kids and babies. Here at littlehipstar, we love them for creating functional, beloved and indestructible companions for the innumerable outdoor adventures we undertake, and they’ve been doing so year in, year out, for more than 50 years. They are the ultimate equipment providers for our family adventures outdoors, making sure that we can enjoy being outside, having healthy fun in the fresh air, rosy cheeks and all. They’re the reason that everyone in the family’s eyes light up when we start planning our next excursion into the great outdoors.

    Fjällräven for kids means the outdoors are all yours

    At Fjällräven, one of the most important priorities is providing families with top-quality outdoor gear so that they can immediately experience the outdoors. Here in our store, you’ll find innovative, functional outdoor jackets, long pants, shorts and T-shirts made of soft materials, e.g. organic cotton.

    Fjällräven will also make your outdoor family happy. Order your super practical outdoor classics for kids and babies!