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    Goodnight Light – Enchanting baby lights with unique designs

    Goodnight Light is a light design studio based in Barcelona and Paris. Founder Lorena Canals and Eva Newton design enchanting nightlights for babies’ and kids’ rooms in extraordinary forms under their own label – their ongoing mission is to create gorgeous shapes that children and adults find irresistible.

    Goodnight Light nightlights mean sweet dreams for babies 

    Nightlights from Goodnight Light bathe babies’ and kids’ rooms in warm light and drive away all fears of the dark. The imaginative designs immediately transpose babies and kids into a wonderful dream world where peaceful sleep is assured. No matter which design you choose, baby bunny, pineapple, origami boat or cactus, these unique lights also look amazing during the day and are certain to become the new favorite décor item in your child’s room.

    Handcrafted in Spain

    Goodnight Light stands for originality made in Spain: These beautifully designed kids’ lights are made of vinyl, handcrafted in Spain and use a CE-certified LED.

    Nightlights from Goodnight Light are now also available at the littlehipstar online store – have fun discovering your favorite!