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    Gray Label – Tradition and value in babywear since 2010

    The Gray Label brand has a clear vision. It aims to design minimalist basics for babies and kids aged 0 to 7 years that are so unostentatious that in combination they are real eye-turners. Cuteness takes the back seat: every item is unisex and is just as suitable as for little girls and boys. Moreover, the entire Gray Label collection is made of organic cotton. Simplicity, comfort, functionality and diversity are the stylistic hallmarks of these dynamic creations. In a nutshell, there are many reasons why Gray Label is a brand that we parents cherish.

    Practical everyday wear for babies and kids

    The collection’s wide range covers everyday practical wear. It comes off as particularly appealing and high quality because of its simplicity. As a result, Grey Label’s pants, hooded jackets, T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sweaters, dresses, shirts and hoodies have a fresh, compelling and memorable feel to them. Many of the items are unisex or have low-key prints. Kid-oriented motifs are used only sparingly, and draw attention to exactly the right place wherever they are used.

    Uniqueness and workmanship make Gray Label so valuable

    In addition to unique and handcrafted designs, Gray Label gets high scores for its commitment to sustainability. The brand’s focus on organic materials is important to note. That alone would even be enough to make Gray Label anybody’s favorite brand.

    Emily Gray is the designer behind the label. Based in Amsterdam, she is responsible for this terrific collection of soft items that are simultaneously contemporary and timeless.

    You can find the minimalist collection of Gray Label online. Order your new favorites now!