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    Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) puts a mustache on your baby’s pacifier

    Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier), so they say, is the perfect blend of pacifier and mustache. The name even contains “must”, as in must-have! The trend among fashionistas to decorate the front of every T-shirt and every piece of jewelry with a trendy mustache has finally reached your baby’s upper lip! We’re telling you: This is a must-have you simply must not miss out on!

    “The pacifier for the new man in your life”...

    ... is the slogan coined by the creators of Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier). The unusual design of the pacifier is impressive with a whole range of great product features. For example, the Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) is made of one hundred percent BPA-free materials. This is good news because the pacifier contains no harmful substances that affect your baby’s health.

    Did you know? Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) has other accessories for baby girls! For instance, their awesome collection of sunglasses and eyewear, which looks great and protects kids’ sensitive eyes from the sun’s rays.

    These are the people behind the curtains at Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier)

    FCTRY was founded by Jason Feinberg and Alyssa Zeller-Feinberg in New York in 2008. Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) parent brand is headquartered in Brooklyn and offers a wide range of beautifully conceived designer fashions. At their creative idea factory, insights are transformed into gorgeous products and new strategies are turned into globally acting brands. Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) for kids fits in perfectly with the philosophy of this deep brand understanding.

    So what are you waiting for? Get Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) for your baby. Pacifiers and sunglasses are available at our online store.