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    Hunter rubber boots for our little ones.

    Explore, see, discover! Little pioneers are eager to learn what the world has to offer them – even on rainy days. Based in the UK, the Hunter shoe label not only makes rubber boots for adults, but also for kids. At littlehipstar, you’ll find a wide assortment of genuine Hunter rubber boots for little ones.

    What makes Hunter special? Outstanding quality and plenty of creativity and character. Hunter is known forstaying well ahead of the curve and not shying away from unchartered waters. Launched in 1856, the label has made a point of continuously reinventing itself with styles that are always fresh and always new.

    An industry leader since 1856

    Hunter recounts its own rubber boot history anew with every baby and children’s collection. Innovation, distinctiveness and a modern design are top priorities. The latest instalment of the Hunter story comes from Alasdhair Willis. The talented creative director has been a major contributor to brand development and the kids’ shoe collections since 2013. Since then he has already presented two new brand lines – Hunter Original and Hunter Field.

    Getting your own Hunters is as easy as jumping in a puddle at littlehipstar!

    Hunter rubber boots for kids get high marks for their perfect fit, comfort and top wearability. They are popular around the world because of their high quality, excellent functionality and traditional handmade production. Made of waterproof natural rubber, they are waterproof and feature top quality exteriors. Assembled with 28 individual parts, for 150 years now, these children’s rubber boots have stood the test of time!

    You’ll find Hunter rubber boots at littlehipstar. Simply place your order online!