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    Kiko + wonderful wooden toys

    Like many other parents, we know it’s not easy to find beautiful wooden toys that are designed well that kids just won’t stop playing with them. The Kiko + brand, launched by Japanese artist Kaz Shiomi in early 2011, has done this very thing. The label is appealing and includes toy cars made of wood that have been great success in our experience. Our little ones are very happy playing with them and your feedback has confirmed our conclusion.

    Wooden toys from Kiko + are good for young hearts and their imagination

    Kiko + toys are beautifully designed and – most importantly – have won the hearts and minds of kids. Kiko + products are designed as gifts or small presents for your kids. These high-quality wooden toys are a hit with little ones and are in demand in kids’ rooms around the world.We have absolutely no doubt that Kiko’s beautiful things fuel kids’ imaginations and are good for their little souls. These toys promote learning through playing and they motivate children to let their creativity flow while developing their game strategy.

    Kiko + makes wooden toys you just don’t want to put down

    We believe that magical-artistic Kiko + wooden toys should earn their place of honor in your baby’s nursery. They are made of certified wood and are thus ideally suited for children’s hands. At Kiko +, you’ll not only find toys but a lovingly conceived world for kids!

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