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    Little Man Happy comes straight to our hearts from the big city

    About as metropolitan as it gets. Little Man Happy is designed, produced and adored in Berlin. The fashion and lifestyle brand for kids and babies stands for a look that is cool and hip. Practically all the clothes that leave the trendy fashion atelier have an air of wild unconventionality about them – like the Berlin we love so much. And this also applies to Little Man Happy’s great basics, toys and accessories for babies and kids. The label’s design philosophy excels with clear shapes and simple graphical elements, especially in black and white.

    Pastels and contrasts ring out in chorus

    We at littlehipstar especially like the color combinations and the well-placed contrasts that constitute the signature of the kids’ label. Another particular strength we see is that Little Man Happy makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality, choice of materials and sustainability.

    No sooner said than done: Ivi founds Little Man Happy in Berlin

    The creative power of kids’ designers Ivi and Sven revolves around your child. Ivi – the heart and soul of the label – had close to a decade of experience in the design sector when she decided to start her own label.

    After these ten years in design, Ivi returned to the wild capital and proceeded first of all to expand her expertise: At the international art school of fashion ESMOD, where she honed her design skills and acquired a sound knowledge of illustration. In 2011 she then kicked off with her own, minimalistically appealing label. We fans in the front row think it’s absolutely super and hope the great ideas just keep on coming!

    Little Man Happy boosts the cuddle factor in your family. Order this popular kids’ brand now from littlehipstar.