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    LuckyBoySunday stands for creative individuality

    LuckyBoySunday raises the question: Who put the idea in our heads that favorite toys have to be beautiful? The toys made by the playful Danes certainly aren’t, at least not at first glance. These children’s creations initially look individualistic. We were enamored the second we saw the dolls, figures and pillows made by LuckyBoySunday because we then better understood the old saying that toys must have character to be loved!

    Character rather than unapproachable beauty

    Thankfully, LuckyBoySunday has put an end to the age of unapproachable beauty in babies' and kids’ rooms. The dolls made by the two label founders, Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Edrup, are so much more than just beautiful. The two Camillas make these characters with their endearing appeal and show that there must be more to a good toy than just its appearance. This brand with its charismatic designs is really inspiring.

    Without exception, the materials are perfect for babies' and kids’ hands

    The two Camillas also impressed us with the quality of the material. Kids love the firm grip of woolen toys. Every product is made using alpaca wool from South America. Additionally, the creators make sure that LuckyBoySunday complies with strict fair trade principles, thus ensuring that the Bolivian population also benefits from their brand. Thus, fair working principles and appropriate wages contribute to the popularity of this great label for kids’ toys.

    What else can we say besides highly recommending LuckyBoySunday? Order their cool toys from our store right now!