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    Modern Burlap’s black and white swaddle blankets never get old

    Modern Burlap has an answer for those looking for ageless and unadulterated designs for kids. The brand has only been around since 2014 and already has an impressive assortment of swaddle blankets that will be favorites for years to come. Trendiness and practicality are the features of these blankets. After all, a day with kids will be all the more enjoyable if there are practical helpers that fit perfectly into their daily routines.

    The story of a timeless brand from the US

    Samantha and Jaboby are the founders of the well-made kids’ accessory label Modern Burlap that makes beautiful, designer swaddle blankets using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The light, yet extremely hard-wearing muslin is produced in an entirely environmentally-friendly setup. This benefits your baby in the best way possible. With the purchase of these blankets, you invest in the sustainable future of your children.

    At Modern Burlap, a lot of attention is paid to high quality and durability

    The maximum-comfort muslin is produced in Texas. The brand’s inspiration lies in appealing concepts like home, tradition, family and love. These swaddle blankets always feature black and white prints. Additionally, the designers make little shirts and one-piecers with funny slogans for newborns and kids up to ten years old. Today, the brand is famous and established in markets worldwide.

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