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Moi – Urban. Stylish. Functional.

Moi is from Finland – and that basically says it all! This tenderly designed kids’ and baby fashion label envelops your baby with urban design, style and plenty of utility. The Scandinavian label has set its sights on fulfilling a great vision: To create kids and baby clothes with designs that explore the limits of creativity and innovation on a regular basis! The makers of Moi also manage to manufacture their kids’ designer clothes and baby collection sustainably, ethically and using responsibly managed materials by focusing on the best characteristics kids’ fashion should have like being soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and not contain any materials that could be harmful to sensitive baby skin.

Baby fashion, where the very name says it all!

It didn’t take baby and kids fashion label Moi long to turn their name into an urban legend and keep it that way. One thing you need to know: The Finnish word “Moi” is “raven” in English. For many years, one of Moi’s designers kept a raven as a pet. And that explains why the raven is a recurring motif in Moi’s designs and features in various small shapes and forms. This story is enough for us to be intrigued about Moi and its raven.

Moi in your baby’s and kids' wardrobe – and everything is taken care of

With Moi, your baby's and kids' wardrobe will be set for quite a while. The designers have really given considerable thought to their designs in terms of daily use with bodysuits, pants, leggings, sweatshirts & long sleeve shirts, hoodies and jackets – covering the full range between purism and mischief.

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