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    Nadadelazos. Art inspires from an early age.

    The children’s fashion label Nadadelazos has style in mind. The creators of this baby fashion label take inspiration from the visions of famous works by world-renowned artists. These kids’ fashion designers’ role models are Yves Klein, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Paul Klee, Salvador Dalí, Walter Gropius and Joan Miro. Art for little people – that’s the freedom-embracing principle of this unconventional brand. Nadadelazos rhetorically asks what all these artists have in common. The idea is that all their collections are influenced by great art.

    Great work of art for little babies' and kids’ clothes

    Take a close look at Nadadelazos’ kids’ fashion artworks. Notice the intense blue that was used by Yves Klein? And check this out – the color of this sweater was inspired by the red used by the Bauhaus movement! In addition to colors, Nadadelazos’ designers are inspired by the shapes associated with different artistic periods, including geometric elements such as arrows. It’s not hard to imagine one form or another on the sweater as a toy building block for kids. And wouldn’t it be fun to sit on a chair designed by a famous architect, just like the ones used as a motif on your child’s pants?

    Dalí mustache. Frida flower. Bauhaus Red.

    Oh, Salvador Dalí’s famous mustache is being invoked here. Here it is on a Nadadelazos baby T-shirt. Now that puts a very artistic stamp on reality. Another kids’ garment is adorned with the beautiful flower found in Frida Kahlo’s hair ...the imaginations of Nadadelazos designers have no limits!

    We love Nadadelazos because it puts our kids in touch with art. Order these unique children’s designer fashions right here at littlehipstar!