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    What makes Nununu baby and kids clothing so darn cool?

    What’s so cool about Nununu, you ask? We can tell you: In Nununu clothes, your baby will look unconventional and presentable anywhere. The kids’ outfits are a great alternative to conventional children’s wear. And that’s why we offer you this label’s exciting collections for babies, toddlers and older kids between zero and seven years. After all, self-confident kids turn into self-confident adults!

    A contemporary response to run-of-the-mill babywear and kids fashion

    If you happened to only be looking for kids’ wear with motifs of cute bears, rainbow-colored unicorns or star-sparking fairies ... you’d be barking up the wrong tree at Nununu. Here it is – the collection from the other side of the tracks for kids and babies who are already rebels before they take their first step. Attitude, style and a sense of humor: all these qualities of winners are reflected in these clothes. Why not join the Nununu family? Pants, hoodies, pirate T-shirts, jeans and pajamas are all available right here at our online store.

    Be a part of our family! Nununu is your community.

    Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg are the founders of Nununu. Iris brings a wealth of experience as a fashion stylist to the table, while Tali has a feel for the kids’ fashion market as the creative director. The two partners had long been searching for an alternative to the floral print clichés of popular children’s clothing outfitters. Their response: A clean, minimalist design that respects babies and kids in every conceivable way.

    Become a Nununu fan! You’ll find the cult designers’ trendy baby fashion line at littlehipstar’s online store – order now!