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    Oli & Carol – Stylish babies’ and kids’ toys from Barcelona 

    The young label Oli & Carol was founded in Barcelona by two sisters. They design beautiful babies’ and kids’ toys made of 100% natural latex. Inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, the designer duo develops animal figures, balls, boats, fruit-shaped teething rings and rubber duckies in delicate pastels as well as striking bright colors. All toys are handcrafted and excel with sustainable organic high quality.

    Toy figures for bath time and play time, for chewing on and as decorative items

    The latex figures from Oli & Carol aren’t just great toys. They’re also ideal for teething babies in need of something to bite, chew or suck; these organic toys are made of pure natural latex and produced using baby-safe food-graded dyes. These buoyant toys are also perfect for playing with in the bathtub. And what’s more, they’re so cute that they serve as beautiful decorative items in kids’ rooms. A genuine all-round gift for your own baby or to celebrate the birth of a new arrival in your circle of friends.

    The name Oli & Carol stands for certified quality and natural materials

    The babies’ and kids’ toys from Oli & Carol excel with certified quality. They are handcrafted and are entirely composed of natural materials. Made of 100% natural latex from hevea trees, they are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This fits in with our philosophy at littlehipstar: Sustainability is an important criterion for us when we choose our best babies and kids brands.

    We’ve put together a great selection of Oli & Carol toys for you – drop by the littlehipstar online store and have a look!