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    Ooh Noo – Designer label for toys and bedding from Slovenia

    It all started with the production of durable bedding for kids – this was the beginning of designer label Ooh Noo from Slovenia. Meanwhile, the collection has grown considerably and now includes wooden toys, décor items for kids’ rooms, cushions and pillows and more. The tiny designer team has one objective: To create durable much-loved favorites that stand the test of everyday use. Made of natural materials and featuring a minimalist-modern style that leaves kids space for their own creativity.

    Wooden toys made by hand

    The latest collection is a hit with classic wooden toys that Ooh Noo reinterprets. A rocking horse named Googy with a minimalist style, a doll’s baby carriage, alphabet blocks and a hobby horse with a chalkboard head for drawing on – the designer team is always thinking up new toys for boys and girls, which are then crafted by hand in small numbers. The result: An ingenious combination of style and retro charm.

    Made in Europe using natural materials

    All the toys, décor accessories and kids’ bedding are designed and produced in Europe. Natural materials such as wood and cotton are the mainstays, which don’t just feel wonderful to the touch but also ensure durable top quality. An entirely delightful collection that is bustling with plenty of unusual toys that make great gift ideas.

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