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Popupshop! Known for simplicity, organic cotton and unusual animal prints.

The Danish children’s fashion brand Popupshop stands for organic culture, i.e. a sustainably produced babywear collection made of organic materials and textiles. This cool label designs quirky, incredibly soft children’s clothing made of organic cotton for trendy kids and babies. At our online store, smart kids and style-conscious parents will find a wide range of items from this design-obsessed brand.

It pieces for babies and kids. You’ll fall in love with Popupshop!

This children’s fashion brand was founded almost ten years ago by the Danish baby fashion designer Marie Louise Mogensen. Since 2007, the trendsetting designer has been fashioning kids’ clothing using sustainable, organic fabrics. At the same time, she’s never lost her focus on kid-friendly cuts. Comfort without any scratchiness is the be-all and end-all for children’s and babies’ sensitive skin. Popupshop’s designer items can keep pace with any level of fun and adventure without sacrificing any of the joy of movement. In littlehipstar’s online shop, you’ll find jackets, parkas, sweaters, T-shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters and many other designer items from this brand.

The idea behind Popupshop? The best quality and design imaginable!

Popupshop’s philosophy is simple. Baby apparel must be simple, yet stylish. It should be trendy and able to stand out in a crowd. In essence, all baby clothing must meet the highest standards. That’s why all the items of this brand are made using sustainable, organic fabrics. So put some timeless and durable quality into your baby’s wardrobe with Popupshop.

You can order from the exquisite Popupshop collection online any time you please. Any questions? Then simply drop us a line or send us an email.