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    Wall stickers for individual kids’ room décor

    The imaginative wall stickers from Stickstay lend an entirely unique flair to any baby’s or kid’s room. The wall stickers, illustrated by hand and produced in Sweden, can be applied any way you like, and come off easily whenever you’d like a change. Whether the exciting rockets and planes are your favorites, or you prefer the dreamy clouds and animals, or perhaps timeless shapes like stars and crosses are more to your taste, the Swedish duo has a large selection of enchanting designs for you to choose from.

    Stickstay stands for sustainability and cool designs

    It all began with the birth of their own son, for whom the Swedish couple wanted to create a cozy environment. The idea for these unique wall stickers came from the desire to imaginatively decorate the baby’s room without drilling any holes in the wall. These simple-to-remove creations are suitable for multiple application, do not damage the wallpaper or the painted wall and are also a sustainable décor accessory for babies’ and kids’ rooms.

    Wall décor for good dreams

    Diversified collections ensure variety on kids’ room walls: All the charming friends from the savannah, forest or ocean as well as the cool space-themed illustrations with rocket ships, stars and moon are an invitation to adventure to suit any taste. The posters and wall stickers from Stickstay also make great birthday presents or beautiful little gifts to bring along; the patterns of dots, drops and crosses are a pleasure to behold in kids’ rooms.

    These wall stickers are without a doubt among our favorite décor items. You’ll find the extensive selection in our store – drop by and get creative in your child’s room.