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    Sunnylife – Vacation essentials from Australia

    The Sydney-based label’s name says it all: Sunnylife stands for summer and vacation essentials for a carefree life in the sun. Sunnylife has everything you need for a hot day at the beach – from inflatable animal floats, air mattresses and pool rings to popsicle molds and practical lunchboxes for a seaside picnic. The label’s cool tropical style with its brilliant colors is a hit at the beach, and not just among the kids. The vacation must-haves from the label, which was founded in 2003, are also extremely popular with the grown-ups.

    Air mattresses, inflatable rings and water toys for your family vacation

    The inflatable animal floats like the Sunnylife flamingo, swan and toucan are also available in special versions for kids, and for adults there are cool air mattresses shaped like watermelons, cactuses and pineapples that can’t be beat for lounging in the pool or sea. One thing is certain: These water toys, pool rings, inflatable arm rings and co. are bringing the endless summer of Australia to beaches all over the world. And it isn’t just the tropical designs that ensure a relaxed holiday mood. Sunnylife also gets top scores for quality, function and innovative ideas – no family vacation should be without these summer essentials.

    Tropical décor and that summer feeling for your home

    The off-the-wall neon lights from Sunnylife are just the thing for those who want to have some of that summer feeling at home. Whether your favorite is the flamingo, lobster, cactus or pineapple – these unique lamps bring some sunny life to kids’ rooms as décor accessories. This is exactly what vacation feels like, great as a gift or for your own home!

    You’ll find more décor ideas for babies’ and kids’ rooms plus the coolest vacation essentials from Sunnylife at the littlehipstar online store.