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Tobias & The Bear – Unisex label for babies and kids

If you’re looking for stereotypes, then Tobias & The Bear is the wrong place to go. The London-based label for babies’ and kids’ wear has broken with monotonous fashions in pink and blue. Instead, the two founders Leanne and Ruth opt for unisex cuts and neutral colors that are setting new trends for boys and girls. In addition to kids’ wear, the collection includes basics for babies and newborns as well as kids’ bedding in standard sizes.

A passion for leggings and unique prints

Leggings are comfortable, perfect for mixing and matching, and always look great. These are the likely reasons why Tobias & The Bear love leggings. So it comes as no surprise that the label’s two creative minds have focused on this basic for everyday wear for their babies’ and kids’ collection. Of course, with many self-designed prints that give these pants a look all their own.

Pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts and bedding for kids – 100% made in the UK

The unisex T-shirts and sweatshirts mainly in gray, white and black will set off any kids’ or babies’ outfit, and everything is made in Great Britain. Tobias & The Bear declared this as one of the basic principles of the label’s work and the same applies to its kids’ bedding. Just like the clothes, the bed linens come in neutral colors with unique all-over prints and make great décor items in your own child’s room or serve as ideal gifts for family and friends.

The stylish kids’ fashions and bedding from Tobias & The Bear are now also available at the littlehipstar online store. Have fun discovering the London styles!