Twig Creative

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Twig Creative Cameras. Great wooden toys that take you back in time!

We just love Twig Creative Cameras. You, too? We think that these lovingly produced wooden toys open up a nostalgic path to good, old traditions and more slower-paced days gone by, a time when kids could still be kids, could be creative and could let their imaginations soar!

Steve and Michelle Hunt are a very creative married couple and the minds behind this magical toy brand. These delightful toys are designed to encourage little artists play with their imaginations. Every single wooden toy created by Steve and Michelle Hunt for little explorers is manufactured exclusively using sustainably produced and/or renewable materials.

Ever thought about giving a wooden camera to your little darling?

These wooden cameras feature a full range of endearing details. Our favorite is the movable buttons. A rotating viewfinder makes the photographic experience with the technology-free camera a tactile adventure that the kids love to try out. A Twig Creative Camera is an ideal gift for sensitive up-and-coming- little photographers who want to explore their environment through the “eye” of a camera.

The philosophy behind Twig Creative Cameras

Steve and Michelle Hunt have a clear vision. In all their toys, the material and the design merge to form a whole. The outcome: quality toys that are environmentally friendly and ageless and that foster kids’ imaginations.

Give your child moments of play full of true value and imagination. You can order Twig Creative Cameras in many styles and colors right here at our online store.