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    The chic way to clean up toys

    On your mark, get set, all neat and tidy – now you can put things away in your baby’s or kid’s room in record speed. The toy bags from Nobodinoz are all decked out and ideal for making toys and stuffed animals to disappear in a jiffy. Practical: The handles on the sides make carrying easier and a simple pull on the drawcord gets rid of the last traces of the toy chaos.

    Storage space and décor accessory for babies’ and kids’ rooms

    These toy baskets cleverly combine functionality with enchanting design – their colorful zigzags, stripes and scale prints steal the show as décor accessories in babies’ and kids’ rooms. If you are on the lookout for even more ideas for your little one’s room, then have a browse around our toys and décor section. You’ll find posters, lights and toys to help you create an environment for your baby or child that is cozy and creative.

    We want beautiful materials

    Plastic boxes in babies’ and kids’ rooms? No need, because there are many better ways to store toys. At littlehipstar we prefer to put our toys and stuffed animals away in beautiful, high quality materials like OEKO TEX-certified cotton. It just feels better to the touch.