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    Kids’ room wallpaper in pastel colors with graphical prints

    Wallpaper for kids’ rooms needn’t be flashy or loud. Quite the opposite: Delicate hues and minimalist-style graphical prints create a cozy, peaceful ambience for your child to relax in and get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve included kids’ room wallpaper from the Danish label ferm LIVING kids in the littlehipstar selection. The designs are inspired by the Scandinavian landscape in particular, and printed with clouds, little rabbits or trees.

    Wall stickers put an end to boring walls in kids’ rooms

    Wall stickers for putting on walls, the ceiling or furniture are a fast way to give babies’ and kids’ rooms a makeover. The stars, dots, clouds and triangles are easy to apply and perfect for making your own individual patterns and designs. Color, of course, plays a decisive role: littlehipstar has wall stickers for kids’ rooms that are ideal for a simple black-and-white look, or you may prefer something bright such as neon pink, or trendy copper.

    Small decorative touches make a big difference

    With very little effort, you can redesign your baby’s or child’s room in next to no time. Even small accents can enormously improve a room’s design. A couple of soft decorative pillows for your child, handcrafted dolls and stuffed animals, a teepee as a quiet place to retreat to, wall stickers and garlands all add stylish splashes of color to babies’ and kids’ rooms.

    Transform your child’s room into a paradise for playing and relaxing in. With the little décor accessories and toys available in the littlehipstar online store!