Hipsterkid "Golds" Tortoise Sunglasses

Hipsterkid SKU:811935021189c

Hipsterkid "Golds" Tortoise Sunglasses

Hipsterkid SKU:811935021189c
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Perfect for everyday use or on vacation - these sunglasses for babies and kids are not only a cool accessory but they will protect from UV rays and the Polarized lenses will prevent glare.

  • Material: TPE / Polarized lenses
  • Size: 10,8 x 3,2 x 2,5 cm
  • For Babies from 0-2 Years & 3-6 Years
  • Color: Tortoise
    About Hipsterkid

    An instant conversation-starter, the mustache-shaped pacifier is designed for babies who are anything but.Top-of-the range design and 100% BPA-free materials, tested in all accredited laboratories, Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) exceeds all US safety requirements ensuring your child is safe and sound. With the new sunglasses and glasses line, little girls can also have a dose of Hipsterkid (formerly called Mustachifier) cool in their accessories wardrobe - just pick the color.