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    This question has been on our minds often enough as parents. And because it’s hard to find the right answer in a world full of oh-so-beautiful kids’ bags and backpacks for kids between two and seven, we’ve decided to make things easier by packing light. This means that you’ll find the most beautiful models from designers who care here at our store.

    The end may not always justify the means. But the end is what counts when you decide whether a bag or a backpack is better for kids.

    We check for a number of criteria when we choose our items for you. First up, we make sure that kids’ bags and kids’ backpacks aren’t too heavy. In terms of workmanship, we check that the seams are strong and reliably sewn because we want you to enjoy your purchase for a good long time. We have our eye on attractive and functional design right from the start. Colors, shapes and motifs need to be appropriate for children and meet our high standards as fashionistas. We make it a top priority that the kids’ bags and backpacks we offer can be perfectly adjusted and adapted to suit your child’s anatomy to promote healthy backs from an early age.

    Strong seams ensure a long life for your kids’ bags and kids’ backpacks.

    Reinforcing the inside and outside of the kids’ bag or kids’ backpack ensures stability for a long life. Padded straps and load supports help stop pinching and pressure and distribute the weight evenly

    Drop by our store and choose from beautiful designer models. We have just the cool kids’ bag or a cool kids’ backpack for your dear little one.