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    And after enjoying the water the dear little ones turn to us parents: Time to get dried off with cool kids’ towels and slip into cool kids’ bathrobes. We know other parents are in the same boat with their little pool monsters, merboys and mermaids, so we’ve put together a huge selection of fantastic towels and bathrobes for kids at the littlehipstar store.

    Towels and bathrobes for kids from design ateliers worldwide

    All our kids’ towels, hooded towels and bathrobes for our little ones were lovingly created in designers’ studios and then launched as a collection. We check every label and product for absolute top quality. This ensures that all the items we offer you feature outstanding design, colors, prints and cuts that your dear little one will love.

    Our comfy and cozy kids’ bathrobes are all made of wonderful, absorbent materials such as muslin and organic cotton. They feel luxurious against kids’ sensitive skin and add maximum enjoyment to water fun. Soft materials absorb the last drops of water and make sure that no one feels cold.

    Have a look at our lovingly detailed, cool kids’ towels and just as cool kids’ bathrobes! We’ll deliver your order over € 70 free of charge!