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    And, though our grandmothers may disagree, they are also perfect for playing and horsing around in. Our items are designed not to pinch or scratch. Nothing to encumber a kid’s daily routine or movement. These practically limitless mix and match options mean practically limitless outfit combinations for children aged two to seven.

    Mixing and matching, and matching and mixing. Kids’ blouses and shirts are mega!

    T-shirts, shirts, blouses, tunics all for your deal little one: Our tops are ideal for mixing and matching. Every single outfit becomes a unique hit if you pair it up with kids’ leggings or kids’ pants. Today’s trends allow any combination. Summer or winter, cool kids’ blouses and shirts are a pleasure to wear. Outstanding materials of the very best quality keep kids cool when it's hot, and warm when it’s cold.

    Nursery school, kindergarten, primary school. Our blouses and shirts are unbeatably cool.

    When is it a good time for children to start wearing blouses and shirts, you ask? We think you can start mixing and matching cool styles from about two on. Discover your very own style, combine soft kids’ materials like flannel, cotton and denim with your own creative styling ideas.

    We’d be pleased to help you with your selection. At the littlehipstar store, you’ll find just the right blouse and shirt to make your child happy.