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    Our children’s designer brands are a hit with raincoats and windbreakers that can cope with even the bitterest cold front and the wettest rainy day. And to top it all off, the cuts are also super stylish and incredibly comfortable.

    Outdoor kids’ wear that has inspired us from the start

    It’s said that outdoor kids’ wear is not all created equal. We couldn’t agree more, so we’ve defined strict criteria for our range. Only kids’ clothes for outdoors that excel in terms of quality and function make it into our range. We keep on the lookout for ingenious details. Hoods are great in rain and wind. Zippers need to be completely waterproof and windproof. Cuffs on the sleeves are also a super way to keep out the bitter wind. Velcro fastenings are something we are always happy to see. They make dressing and undressing so much easier – and the many designs play an important role, too, as they make for amazing accents.

    Time for some fresh air, guys!

    Your next family excursion will be marvelous. Now you can make your plans and totally disregard the weather. With the outdoor kids’ clothes you’ll find at the littlehipstar store, your dear little one is shielded from the elements.

    Get your cool outdoor kids’ wear! Conveniently shop online – and if you need assistance, we are only an e-mail or phone call away.