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Kids love littlehipstar sleepwear, for instance, pajamas from Nununu. They are namely superbly cut, with absolutely no scratching, and the materials are fleecy soft against sensitive children’s skin.

Off-the-wall prints, cozy materials. Sleepwear that dreams are made of!

We think that kids’ sleepwear and beautiful kids’ motifs go hand in hand. Stars work, in fact, they’re almost mandatory. But we littlehipstars are also fans of geometric, black and white prints and unicolor kids’ sleepwear. Beautiful designer signature items available for boys and girls will accompany any child’s dreams until morning.

Long or short sleeves? That’s the big question here.

You’ll find exclusive brands for cool kids’ sleepwear at littlehipstar’s store. Have a look at our great selection and find just the right model. Long sleeves or short sleeves, cotton or jersey – there’s sure to be just the thing for your little sweet pea. It’s especially important for us that the fibers used to make the sleepwear are soft against children’s skin and offer maximum coziness the whole night through. They have to be cool when the weather’s hot and warm when the night is cold.

Order perfect kids’ sleepwear now at littlehipstar’s online store.