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    Specially designed to perfectly meet all the prerequisites for the unrestricted growth and healthy development of children’s feet. Know what the best thing is? Kids’ boots from the littlehipstar online store are also ideal for fashionistas. Great designs, comfortable styles, sensational impact. There’s something here to suit any individual taste.

    The height of kids’ fashion? Works best with kids’ boots.

    When it comes to kids’ fashion, and kids’ boots especially, what’s allowed is what you like. For fashionistas, personal taste determines the right course for outstanding outfits marked by stylishness. Mix and match boots with practically everything that keeps spirits high and little ones warm: With skirts, with leggings and with narrow-leg pants. And of course with plenty of further ideas and styling options. There’s no end to the possible variations. From ankle-high all the way up to the knee, and made of all kinds of materials from leather to vegan.

    The most important thing is always that the boots fit well

    The following prerequisite applies to all kids’ boots: They have to be a good fit, i.e. not too big and not too small. And they mustn’t hinder movement. We recommend that you check your kids’ boots regularly for size. Once they get too small, you have no choice but to part with them, no matter how much they are loved.

    Cool kids’ boots – in the littlehipstar store with free shipping on orders over € 70!