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    The lunchbox revival

    It’s something we all know and we all need: The sandwich box. For kindergarten, school or work. If you want to take a snack with you, you need something to pack it in. And to avoid the usual plastic wrap and paper bag as well as unnecessary garbage, why not simply use a lunchbox. At the littlehipstar online store you’ll now find beautiful sandwich boxes, e.g. the simple straight lines of the black-and-white model from Design Letters or the snack boxes from Sunnylife with their colorful pineapple and flamingo motifs.

    Wonderful styles designed for easy use

    These cute sandwich boxes aren’t just beautiful to look at, but also super practical to use: Whether you choose one secured with a silicone band or one personalized with initials for easy recognition. Plus all these sandwich boxes are dishwasher-safe and consequently easy to clean and ready to fill without any fuss. The perfect way to pack a break-time snack!

    Lunchboxes – beautiful and environmentally-friendly

    Any child can tell you that lunchboxes help avoid unnecessary garbage. But did you know that the sandwich boxes from Design Letters are made of BPA-free plastic and Sunnylife makes theirs out of bamboo. That’s what we call setting a good example! The sandwich boxes in the littlehipstar online store aren’t just enchantingly beautiful, but also eco-friendly and food-safe. The snack boxes also make great gifts for starting kindergarten, school or a new job.

    Check out the amazing lunchboxes at the littlehipstar online store, where you’ll also find other great gift ideas for kindergarten or kids’ birthdays.