Meri Meri Ruby Doll

Meri Meri SKU:9781534012608

Meri Meri Ruby Doll

Meri Meri SKU:9781534012608
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Ships within 2-3 days
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  • Rag doll with hobbies: baking, reading and mountaineering
  • Material: Cotton with polyester filling
  • Blossom's Best Friend
  • Size in mm: 180 x 490 x 70
Material and Care Information
  • Please observe the manufacturer's instructions for product care
About Meri Meri

The Meri Meri label gives birthday decorations, stickers, gift ideas and accessories a touch that is entirely unique and creative. They are a hit among girls and boys alike with their imaginative pineapple, unicorn, rainbow and cactus prints. The many different collections feature glowing colors and fun designs. Choose you favorites from these original and singly beautiful products for children’s birthday parties