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    They are the classics in any baby’s or kid’s room: Wooden toys such as cars, puzzles, and more. Wooden toys aren’t just for environmentally aware parents, but are a hit with anyone on the lookout for toys that are especially sturdy and durable. For instance, take our colorful toy cars from Kiko+ made of hard-wearing beech.

    Décor for babies’ and kids’ rooms

    By the way, our toys also serve as ideal décor accessories in any baby’s or kid’s room. They are also precisely the right choice as gifts for the next baby’s or kid’s party or a first birthday you go to! Or if you prefer, you can also make a present of one of our popular littlehipstar gift vouchers. Give a gift card starting from a retail value of EUR 15 and let your host browse and choose as they please in our babies’ and kids’ fashion online store.

    Fast delivery

    Our fast delivery ensures that you always get your orders in time. All orders placed from Germany that we receive before noon Monday to Friday ship to you that same day. Of course, this also applies in the case of orders sent to an alternate delivery address or parcel terminal (“Packstation”).