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    Wall hooks for babies’ and kids’ rooms

    Decorative wall hooks for babies’ and kids’ rooms aregenuine multitaskers. They’re great for hanging up bags and backpacks, kids’ jackets, clothes, scarves and towels, and help keep kids’ rooms neat and tidy. And best of all: Unlike a wardrobe, wall hooks made of wood and other durable materials are super space-savers and are incredibly easy to mount – use individually or create a kids’ coatrack out of several hooks.

    Functional and decorative kids’ coatracks

    Set cheerful accents in kids’ rooms with wall hooks from the littlehipstar online store. The coat hooks created by the designers at Ferm Living Kids, Design Letters and other top brands feature kid-friendly colors and motifs and are a smart combination of functionality and unique design. They come in high-quality materials such as wood, which means that they not only look great but are also durable and resistant to wear and tear.

    More ideas for tidy kids’ room with great décor

    In addition to coat hooks for babies and kids, our shop has many other ideas to offer you for keeping kids’ rooms neat and tidy and creating an enchanting environment for your child with unique toys and décor ideas. Stylish storage baskets and bags provide plenty of space for toys, stuffed animals and co., while our selection of lamps and lightboxes creates a cozy atmosphere.