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    This is good for a smile because we realize that we aren’t the only ones familiar with those early morning discussions about what to wear. To be honest, we have a suspicion that many girls are practically born with a love of pretty little dresses and adorable skirts. But things get really interesting between the ages of two and seven. This is when our dear little girls start being aware of fashion and suddenly know exactly what they want to wear, and what they don’t.

    Have a look: The prettiest designer skirts and designer dresses for kids

    Let’s get shopping! You’ll find great kids’ designer brands here at littlehipstar. Little skirts and dresses for girls aged two to seven, for any season from Siberia to Sicily, in lots of different materials. There’s something to suit any style, from festive to tomboyish.

    We make sure that all of our items are top quality when we purchase them. Kids’ clothing must be suitable for frequent and easy washing. The materials have to withstand a lot, at the playground as well as in the washing machine. Prints and colors need to be durable. Our tip: Follow the washing instructions on the label carefully. This will ensure that you and your daughter can enjoy those pretty skirts and dresses for a good long time. And as you already know: If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team anytime.

    All dressed up for first communion, baptism or birthday

    A pretty skirt or dress is the perfect apparel for special occasions. Discover all variations of girls’ clothing and choose what suits from our wide selection.

    We’re happy to assist you if you have any questions. Just write us an e-mail or give us a call!