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    This footwear gives kids’ feet the support they need, helps kids as they learn to walk and run, promotes healthy growth and look amazing to boot.

    Sneakers and slip-ons from the greatest designers for kids

    We get our shoes for kids from designers who know their craft and who pay attention to esthetics and all the special details. Two- to seven-year-olds move freely and safely in kids’ sneakers from the littlehipstar store. Exquisite quality, top design, comfortable styles, soft soles, sporty look! That’s our idea of the perfect sneakers and perfect slip-ons for your child.

    So what kids’ outfits go with sneakers and slip-ons?

    We’d say: Practically all of them. For us fashionistas it always comes down to the right combination and imagination. That’s why your child can wear sneakers and slip-ons at kindergarten, at school and at festive occasions like first communions or birthdays. A casual, sporty look is always just the thing. And you can give a conservative outfit an exciting and fashionable touch with sporty sneakers and slip-ons. One look at our organic shoes will be a further source of inspiration.

    You’ll find a huge selection of cool kids’ sneakers and kids’ slip-ons at the littlehipstar online store! We’re there to help if you have any questions. And shipping – wow! – free of charge on orders over € 70!