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    Cool bibs with plenty of style for your baby’s first spoonfuls

    It doesn’t get any more exciting than this for some time: The breastfeeding stage draws to a close and the “wild animal feeding” stage begins. This is when babies get mash for the first time, when they’re lovingly and patiently spoon-fed by moms, dads, aunts, uncles and an armada of other baby fans. You know what we mean.

    Recommendation by parents for parents: Put a bib on your baby and treat yourselves to a few loads of laundry less

    Sure, we all vividly remember this time. Some of the most wonderful baby pictures were created when evidence of the meal just finished could be found all over the kitchen. An absolute necessity during this truly thrilling stage: The bib. That’s why littlehipstar has bibs that are practical and look great from cool designer labels for fearless feeders of babies who don’t want to have to give their baby a complete change of clothes after every meal.

    A bib looks cool, protects clothes in case of mishaps and calms frazzled nerves. And the expert “Baby feeding” mission team can also use the baby bib to wipe baby’s mouth from time to time.

    Did you know? Bibs are ideal fashion accessories!

    We fashionistas are taken with bibs. Of course this is not just because of their usefulness. Instead we can endlessly sing their praises on account of their outstanding combinability, the many options they provide for setting fashionable accents, their high level of expressiveness and the opportunity to share individual style messages.

    In order to prevent any further feeding disasters and ensure plenty of style, we have put together a marvelous assortment of cool baby designer bibs for you. Simply choose from your favorite labels. We offer you exciting designer labels for babies such as 1+ in the family and Bobo Choses. And it goes without saying that a baby bib is an excellent gift choice for the occasion of a baby’s birth.

    Get your cool bibs from the ateliers of hip baby designers. Ordering is easy and uncomplicated and there is free shipping on orders over € 50!