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    Little explorers should also look good when out discovering the world

    It truly is a gift to be able to watch children grow and discover their own abilities. Children undergo rapid development between the ages of 2 and 7. In the beginning they need our help, but quickly become independent, at some point running like the big kids, riding scooters, making paper airplanes and surprising us every day with their growing vocabularies.

    Our contribution to children’s development: Great designs, great cuts, great quality

    We want to attire children individually at every stage and at every step. We find the kids’ clothes, toys, accessories and footwear for littlehipstar from small designer labels whose work is top-class, such as Bobo Choses, Oeuf and nununu, and we are in continuous contact with them. We pay very close attention to ensure that the children’s products we offer you in our store are of the very highest quality.

    Clever cuts are a top priority. Kids’ clothes need to be ideally suited for active, happy children and at the same time be easy to put on and take off. We also put a lot of care into checking the materials. Children’s skin is sensitive and needs especially cozy and soft materials so that it doesn’t become irritated.

    Once all is well with the quality and the materials, we turn our attention to the design

    We are all-out fashionistas when it comes to the design of kids’ wear. Once our basic requirements are met, we then turn our attention to the design. Colors, shapes, cuts. Motifs, graphics, prints. Polka dots, stripes, stars. Kid’s design that is perfectly harmonized in itself is an inspiration for us. We give this inspiration free rein in our photo shoots and believe and hope that it is something people can see.

    You’ve come to the right place. At our online store, ordering cool kids’ fashions from popular designer labels for kids between 2 and 7 years old is easy. Practical, service-oriented and with free shipping on orders over € 70!