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    Cool jumpsuits from hip designers: Well dressed from the start!

    For many parents the birth of a child is one of the most beautiful things in life. We at littlehipstar utterly adore babies, of course, as well as everything that has to do with this enchanting time when a brand new person is born.

    Why we can get so enthusiastic about jumpsuits? Because we are fashionistas.

    We admit it – we are hopeless fashionistas. And as fashionistas we are naturally very interested in developments in the fashion world. In combination with our infatuation with babies, we especially love to keep an eye on the exhilarating market for designer fashions for babies, select the – in our eyes – most beautiful items from the lovingly crafted collections and offer them to you in our store. We choose every single item of babywear based on its material quality, comfort, cut, color scheme and, not least of all, the design idea, which should be part and parcel of any top-quality jumpsuit.

    We’ve got them, the coolest designer labels for baby jumpsuits

    Especially rompers for the very smallest go straight to our hearts. Our personal favorite jumpsuit designers include, for instance, the designer labels for babies Mini Rodini, Noé & Zoë, Tinycottons, 1+ in the family and Parenti’s. We are always happy to hear that one of these labels is launching a new collection that includes rompers, and can barely contain ourselves as we wait to see the first pictures of the new romper creations for babies.

    Order your cool jumpsuits from our hip designer labels! Right here in our store. By the way, we’ll ship your parcel free of charge if your order is over € 70!