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    Anne-Claire Petit stands for high-quality workmanship

    Dutch designer Anne-Claire Petit discovered her love of crafts during her Design studies in Eindhoven. Since 2002, she has concentrated on two areas: A kids’ collection with stuffed animals, rattles and music boxes and her décor accessory collection for interior design. The toys and accessories for kids are all crocheted by hand, for which Anne-Claire Petit chooses natural materials such as organic cotton.

    Crocheted animals, crocheted rattles and crocheted music boxes for babies and kids

    Anne-Claire Petit’s crocheted figures are simply irresistible: The collection includes crocheted animals, crocheted cars and crocheted balls as well as many other unique forms. There are also baby rattles in Anne-Claire Petit’s range, plus crocheted music boxes that play soothing bedtime lullabies. It’s hard to choose: But whether you opt for a rabbit, reindeer, plane or elephant, all of the crocheted figures are so endearing that they advance to favorite stuffed animal status wherever they go.

    Handcrafted gift ideas for boys and girls

    The stuffed animals, rattles and music boxes from Anne-Claire Petit are crocheted by hand and make very special gifts for new arrivals or birthday presents. For this label from the Netherlands, quality, sustainability and durability are top priorities.

    If you are looking for a gift that isn’t off the rack, have a browse through the kids’ collection from Anne-Claire Petit. Here at littlehipstar, we’ve put together a beautiful selection of crocheted figures with her latest designs.